CUTcoin Lab

CUTcoin lab is a R&D lab focused on privacy and untraceable cryptography. We believe that privacy is a true Right of any human being, that's why we're trying to approach the future of anonymous and secure digital assets. Being a private initiative, CUTcoin doesn't rely on any centralized authority like a company, joint venture, etc.
Our values
During the past year, we've been working hard on CUTcoin's environment strongly following our commitment: promise less and do much more.
We started from scratch and a bunch of ideas and then created CUTcoin's world, not just a regular coin.
We believe that privacy is a true right of a human being and want to bring this value
We believe that only way to bring ideas life is to follow one rule: do it as good as you can

How can I join?

We run ambassador campaign.
Spread the word about CUTcoin.
We love talking to users about CUTcoin,
and we're happy to answer your questions.