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CUT Coin Ambassador Program

We at CUT coin team believe that privacy is a true Right of any human being, that's why we're trying to approach the future of anonymous and secure digital assets. Being a private initiative, CUTcoin doesn't rely on any centralized authority like a company, joint venture, etc. We devote our free time above our regular jobs to build the CUTcoin infrastructure. The bad thing about that is
a constant lack of time.

That's why we invite anyone to contribute to this project and happy to announce CUTcoin Ambassador program.
Spread the word about CUTCoin in your community, campus, network, and among family and friends on social media and use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up.
  • Content creation
  • Bug bounty (code auditing)
  • Reach out to and associate with student associations and clubs
  • Organize events in your community, campus, etc.
  • Give feedback
  • Connect with other local CUTcoin Ambassadors
Share your voice!
Write a short post answering the 3 questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What thing about CUTcoin do you like the best?
  • Why do you want to be an CUTcoin Ambassador?
And post it on fb/ig/twitter/ with hashtag #CUTcoin
Send an invitation
of subscribing CUTcoin to all your friends on every social media you use.
Submit a short proposal
What would you do to help CUTcoin grow in your community if you are an Ambassador?
Meet our ambassadors
Nick Avramov
Community contributor
Vik Pat
Community enthusiast

Steve R
Community contributor
Your proposal. Please, provide more links
I agree with CUTcoin Data Protection Politic's
Data Protection Politic's
CUT coin project is about a strong advocate of user privacy, and so collects and retains information specific to its users only when deemed necessary in providing services or support pertaining to CUT services.

User data retained by CUT:

  1. email address. When signing up for the CUT newsletter, a user's e-mail address is added to a mailing list. We will send only letters connected to CUTcoin. You can unsubscribe.
  2. google analytics data upon all web traffic to websites and webpages. Analytics data is recorded to help CUT coin staff identifies ways to better engage the public. All IP addresses are anonymized, so no individual's identifying data will be retained.