CUTcoin community bounty

Bounty program on discord
Announcing the community funded bounty program! CUTcoin devs will quickstart the effort with 500 CUT, and looking to raise 500 CUT from the community for bounty payouts. The manager of this fund is SatoriNakamoto and it is happening right there on CUTcoin discord!
Here is the wallet information:


Approximate payouts are:

  • small contribution (adding to FAQ, correcting spelling grammar mistakes etc.)- 20 CUT or ~$2
  • medium contribution (publishing article, writing guide etc.)- 50 CUT or ~$5
  • large contribution (video guide, promotional video etc.)- 100 CUT or ~$10

Purpose of this bounty wallet is to create incentives for the community to generate content- memes, videos, graphics, guides, promotional material etc. This is not for bug bounty or code vulnerability disclosure.

Let's get to work!