CLI Wallet full manual

Official guides you can find here. We tried to write all the steps you need to follow to run staking with our CLI wallet. But we suppose that you'll have more specific questions. For this case, we also have some guides to help you written by Satori Nakamoto.

All of them you can find on our official Reddit (r/cutcoin).
Restore CLI Wallet from Keys
How to restore your wallet with private keys.
Say, you have a wallet with the address (example) 
and the keys: 
viewkey secret: b6e97fc799a719467182ea5ba5b2093d9c2097572094be139860a4730d8a8c06 public: 91121523592b9153b88adecf001029f4ce8202e833727cf3711aa11b91e3c81a spendkey: secret: df6353414bdb74382b2f7dfc524b4b68574d4800fd313f2efe4bbb217cc6f907 public: 69ac2345ddec8337dbb734d8731c7d4cc97ebfbcc34ee7e9f54dde4706023202
To restore the wallet using the private keys:

./cutcoin-wallet-cli --generate-from-keys ./recovered_wallet.bin
When prompted 'Standard address:' enter your address
cutbBDFMT1vgZUA3qPusbx5mPEhBcieKcECVCbGN2oHP1NJGLGGLFpt8HfLxxn7iNT3hoyqBUug3tL9gKQ7B34tg9dej2rRNx1 (example address)
When prompted 'Secret spend key: :' enter your secret spend key
df6353414bdb74382b2f7dfc524b4b68574d4800fd313f2efe4bbb217cc6f907 (as example)
When prompted 'Secret view key: :' enter your secret view key
b6e97fc799a719467182ea5ba5b2093d9c2097572094be139860a4730d8a8c06 (as example)
Enter a new password for the wallet and confirm the password

How to start staking with CLI wallet
Simple steps to start CUTcoin staking with CLI wallet
1. Create your personal wallet. The official command line wallet is 'cutcoin-wallet-cli'.
To create the wallet:
1.1. Download source code and build Cutcoin daemon and wallet (for Linux) or just download executables (for Windows) from here Follow instructions.
1.2. Run Cutcoin daemon, for example:
./cutcoind --data-dir ./
1.3. Wait till the daemon is cynchronized. You sould see the message: 'You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start cutcoin-wallet-cli.'
1.4. Generate a new wallet. Run
and follow the instructions. Do not forget to save your wallet file in a safe place.
2. Get your CUT coins.
Ask your friend to share some coins with you or buy on the markets.

When withdraw the coins from the exchange specify the wallet address that you just created.

3. Wait 800 blocks (approx 26 hours). Now you can put your coins on stake.
4. Run 'start_staking' command in the wallet.