Welcome to CUT coin's wallet world. CUT wallets are a gateway into it's blockchain environment. Here you can choose comfortable wallet to start staking according to your preferences. To run wallet you need to create a new one or operate with already existing wallets in pair with appropriate private keys.
Download wallets
Signed releases of software wallets built for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
You can choose between GUI Wallet and CLI version compatible to your OS or even stake on Raspberry Pi. Also all packages include the daemon which synchronises with the blockchain to scan for incoming transactions and current blockchain height.
The GUI (graphic user interface) wallet is the easiest to use with friendly interface which is perfect for beginners.

Windows x64
Linux x32 | x64

GUI Wallet Guide
The CLI (command line interface) wallet suits for more advanced users and offers more tools. Current version is 2.0.5

Windows x64
Linux Ubuntu x64
MacOS X x64
Source code .zip | .tar.gz

CLI Wallet Guide (All features are explored at guide)

Staking on Raspberry Pi
As you might concern it's also possible to stake on Raspberry Pi.

You can read here guide written by Satori Nakamoto.