CUT coin Wiki
1/ What is CUTcoin?
CUTcoin is a new anonymous cryptocurrency with PoS consensus. The CUT coin provides users' transactions in an absolutely secure way with all private benefits. Another obvious benefit is a PoS consensus.
2/ What does CUTcoin mean?
CUT coin is an abbreviation means "Concealed Untraceable Transaction" Coin. Simply.
3/ Is CUT coin PoW or PoS (Proof-of Stake) coin?
Proof - of - Work consensus have been chosen as initial coin distribution supply mining method. Current consensus is Proof-of-Stake with stakes earned in wallets.
4/ Which algorithm (algo) is used?
Byzantine Berserker. We are using totally re-written algo.
5/ How many team members?
CUT coin team is about 4 totally involved persons, that's more than enough.
6/ Why I can't find information about the country origin and team members? Why It's concealed?
CUT coin is about anonymity. Please respect the choices made by each individual on this matter. As a community-based project, with no ICO, the lack of corporatization is key, anyone can contribute to this project and is highly encouraged to do so.
7/ How I will receive stakes at PoS?
You will earn stakes on your wallet.
8/ When exchange?
We are already listed at some good exchanges ;)
9/ After PoS began where it will be possible to buy CUTcoin? Or to get?

Check exchanges. Also, you can get CUT coins taking part in bounty campaign.