52 000 hardfork

MARCH 7th '19 / Succesful PoS mainnet launch.
Most years the idea of cryptocurrencies was a dominant theme that shapes financial market.
As we announced before our special focus section is devoted to what has excited us most in the last two years: the idea of anonymous cryptocurrency and PoS determined consensus combined coin.
Furthermore, we showcase wallet staking as part of our efforts in sustainable and impact investing, a market that has been seeing rapid growth as investors increasingly seek to combine financial returns with a social and environmental impact.
At the 52 000 block height we announced important hardfork with consensus type switch from PoW to PoS. Which means that all miners and mining pools have been stopped. So, few days day had past and we have some thoughts about hardfork.

We would like to resume next key point of 52 000 hardfork.
  • Mostly investors prefer to hold coins ( apprx 70%).
  • Hadrfork is done successfully, without any technical issues.
CUTcoin keeps getting better and reach goals!