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You're here because we met at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.
Explore CUTcoin's world and learn about all our features and advantages.

CUTcoin is a first CryptoNote based PoS coin.
Quick Facts
  • Privacy
    all wallet balances are for owner's eyes only same with the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions.
  • Environment friendly
    consensus algorithm that does not require huge amount of energy to operate is more resistant to market downturns
  • Anonymity
    all transactions are anonymous - there is no way to know if two transactions originated from the same wallet or not.
  • Predictable Transactions
    modified the traditional block timing algorithm and modulated by a nonlinear function reduces the fluctuations in transaction processing times.
  • Fungibility
    CUT coins are fungible, there is no way to track the history of a given coin and it provides equality of all coin
  • PoS consensus
    our approach achieves better decentralization than Proof-of-Work networks, where the chain control can switch very fast.
Get FREE CUT coins and start staking now! How?

Just follow these steps:
1. Download and set up CUTcoin Wallet
It's just a piece of cake. Just take the suitable file from CUTcoin Card you received during Malta AIBC and that's it.
2. Connect to the CUTtrix
Here you need to receive your FREE CUT coins

In order to do that, please join our community in Telegram and drop a message to one of our admins. Please, specify the address of your wallet with your request. After that, you will receive CUT coins.
3. Join Staking Community
Don't wait — start staking!

Follow the instructions on the Staking Pool webpage and start staking with CUTcoin!

Staking in numbers

The chance to become the next block creator is proportional to the share of cryptocurrency that belongs to the particular party. But, we have a solution for an inclusive community staking — CUTcoin Staking Pool.
> 2 CUT
Daily reward(for 1000CUT)
100 %
2 min
Every block found
5 %
Fee per reward earned


CUT wallets are a gateway into our blockchain environment. The existing releases includes versions built for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

You can choose between GUI Wallet and CLI version compatible to your OS or even stake on Raspberry Pi. Also all packages include the daemon which synchronises with the blockchain to scan for incoming transactions and current blockchain height. To run wallet you need to create a new one.
The GUI (graphic user interface) wallet is the easiest to use with friendly interface which is perfect for beginners.

Windows x64
Linux x32 | x64

GUI Wallet Guide
The CLI (command line interface) wallet suits for more advanced users and offers more tools. Current version is 2.0.5

Windows x64
Linux Ubuntu x64
MacOS X x64
Source code .zip | .tar.gz

CLI Wallet Guide (All features are explored at guide)

How to get MORE CUT coins?

You can get CUTs simply if you bought them at exchanges. Or, maybe someone will
give them to you.
If you would like to explore all features and opportunities CUT provides you, just use testnet. Also, testnet pool is available.

Have a question?
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We love talking to users about CUTcoin Staking Pool, and we're happy to answer your questions. In case you have one, first, please read FAQ. We've tried to write as much as possible about Staking Pool.

Don't forget to send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.