Vulnerability in Monero

JULY 4th '19 / We've submitted the report that gained attention from some crypto media.
Recently our team have identified a critical vulnerability in the Monero code. We've submitted a report that gained attention from some crypto media, including Cointelegraph.

The vulnerability theoretically enabled attackers to send counterfeit xmr to an exchange. Once the fraudster's account was credited, they could then convert it into other coins and make a withdrawal, leaving the exchange out of pocket.

"It is our belief that the vulnerability cannot be used to "mint" real, transactable monero out of thin air."

The above-mentioned vulnerability was found during the creation of CUTcoin — a concealed untraceable transaction coin. We first took the Monero family code, but then upgraded it significantly. Besides that, we made the first privacy coin based on Proof-of-Stake algorithm.