New wallet for POS

JUNE 11th '19 / New GUI wallet
Windows application is finally made and released in public. And we're happy to release a fully functional beta version of it for both Win 64x and Lin 64x.

New wallet has a full set of all features you could ever need for staking. Let's check them briefly.

Using this wallet application adopted for WIndows you can create a new wallet, restore with mnemonic seed the existed one, send and receive coins and the most important function is simple "start staking" button. Mentioned earlier, "start staking" button you can find in Advanced - Staking.

Other functions are simple to use and ,might look for a first sight familiar. And so it is because we decided not to chance simple and common for the most part of our community wallet app interface.

We're looking forward to receiving any feedback from you guys! Be free to write us ( at CUTcoin chat room @CUTCOINTALK you can join discussion)