CUTcoin Guideline

Press Kit

Spread the word about CUTCoin in your community, campus, network, and among family and friends on social media and use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up.

Contact us for special required information and further details
Branding colors
#ff6600 Main color
#333333 Second color
Full guide
We use
spelling in all promo materials or simple version CUT.
Please, pay attention to it.
Ask our team, community or ambassadors for any support.
Please, don't use CUTcoin name with ICO and tokens context.
Short description
CUTcoin is a first PoS consensus anonymous coin.

Full version
CUTcoin uses the latest advances in cryptography to allow anonymous transactions. Wallet balances, transaction amount,
sender and receiver are private by default on our blockchain.
Our innovative Proof of Stake consensus is the first in history
to keep the total amount of coins even in staking wallets
completely concealed.

Dev team
Here you can find Quick facts about CUTcoin. Last update Apr'20.
Here you can find simple CUTcoin explanation.