Invite friends and earn more

Referral bonus program
We always use to tell, that CUTcoin is the best way for Staking and passive income. High percent, privacy, and comfortable Staking Pool. We would like to say thank you for all our loyal users and the community. The CUTcoin team decided to launch the Referral Bonus Program for Staking Pool users.
You get a 1% bonus from your referrals staking amounts. Want to know how to earn more?

How to join?

We have several rules, which you have to meet. Please, read carefully.
Account age
Your account should be at least 30 days old (month) and verified.
Non-zero amount
We believe that staking with 0 (zero) is impossible, don't forget it.
Guaranteed bonus
You'll get +1 % from you're referrals rewards every week (7 days).
Share wordwide
Referral bonuses will accrue only in 180 days since referral account singing up.

How to start?

It's easy if your account meets all required rules.
Visit your dashboard
And find there your Referral Code, you will notice it, don't worry.
Share Referral Code
Share with persons you would like to invite this Referral Code.
Use it for signing up
Your friend should mention your code at the required field while filling Sign up form.
Receive bonuses
You'll get +1 % from your referral staking amounts every week, all bonuses will be color in blue.
Pay attention, that you'll claim reward after your referral's account will reach age 30 days.
Than in 7-14 days your first reward will come. Next rewards will be payed every week.
The main goal of the Referral Bonus Program is to spread the word about CUTcoin and Staking Pool.
  • Please, do not abuse the Referral Bonus Program with multi-accounting. Off-chain transfers to your referrals are not welcome.
  • Please, do not try to fraud with bots and fake accounts. We will notice that.
We reserve the right for response and may exclude the persons who violate the rules from the Referral Bonus Program participation. .