TESTnet launch

FEB 25th '19 / News pack from CUT coin Dev team
With great pleasure we're happy to announce launch for PoS TESTNET.

One of the biggest motivators we see for our users is that they can benefit from access to total privacy and anonymity for digital assets. With stable predictable income it'll become a trend of the quantitative easing era of crypto-currencies. For predictable income, we examined and offer the phenomenon of PoS coins. We started our coin as PoW consensus ( with switching on PoS lately), so, it's time for us to move on and fulfil the promise.

After few successful tests at dev side, CUTcoin team would like to share public official TESTNET for PoS consensus. At TESTNET it's possible to run and check main PoS realization features.

Also, at block height 52000 we will stop mining PoW and declare this block height as the last for it. Be in all that was the main goal for this project to run PoS with total anonymity of all transactions. Community members, please, keep it in mind and prepare for PoS.

You're welcome to test it and tell us about all possible issues ( if it's really possible to find it, heh).

Which features you can test?
  • PoS staking;
  • Coins transactions;
  • Wallet creating.