PoS Testnet Manual
To enroll in CUTcoin testnet please take the following steps:
1/ Download
Download source code and build CUTcoin daemon and wallet (for Linux) or just download executables (for Windows) from here. Follow instructions.
2/ Run
Run CUTcoin daemon in 'testnet' mode: ./cutcoind --testnet and wait till it's synchronized.
3/ Generate
Generate a new wallet for CUTcoin testnet; for doing this just run: ./cutcoin-wallet-cli --testnet and follow the hints.
4/ Faucet
Obtain Test CUTcoins for free from . Specify the wallet address generated at the previous step.
5/ Staking
CUTcoins must be 800 blocks old, i.e. one should wait at least 800 blocks after the incoming transaction to be able to put a PoS stake. Run your wallet and type the command: 'start_staking ' in it. That's it.
If you want to have more information about what's happening type 'start_staking verbose'.

Type 'stop_staking' to stop the process or just close the wallet.