PoS Testnet Manual
To enroll in CUTcoin testnet please take the following steps:
1/ Download
Download source code and build CUTcoin daemon and wallet (for Linux) or just download executables (for Windows) from here. Follow instructions.
2/ Run
Run CUTcoin daemon in 'testnet' mode: ./cutcoind --testnet and wait till it's synchronized.
3/ Generate
Generate a new wallet for CUTcoin testnet; for doing this just run: ./cutcoin-wallet-cli --testnet and follow the hints.
4/ Faucet
Obtain Test CUTcoins for free from . Specify the wallet address generated at the previous step.
5/ Staking
CUTcoins must be 800 blocks old, i.e. one should wait at least 800 blocks after the incoming transaction to be able to put a PoS stake. Run your wallet and type the command: 'start_staking ' in it. That's it.
6/ Pool Staking
CUTcoin team provides solution for comfort staking even if you have small amounts of coins. You can use Testnet Pool which is prototype of mainnet CUTcoin Staking Pool.
If you want to have more information about what's happening type 'start_staking verbose'.

Type 'stop_staking' to stop the process or just close the wallet.