How to start with CUTcoin

Yield higher than deposit *
First absolutely anonymous and concealed coin
with staking. You have heard so many times
about investing in crypto, but you can't even imagine
how easy it actually is.
No need to be professional,
thanks to CUT. And we're here to help you.
What is CUTcoin?

CUTcoin is a fully decentralized and self-governed digital asset. The innovative PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus allows you to receive a guaranteed private reward in CUT in proportion to the share of staking amounts. Yield is guaranteed and inherent in the very essence of the CUTcoin blockchain.
It's simple.
All wallet balances and rewards are for owner's eyes only. Absolutely.
There is no way to know where transactions are originated from
POS consensus does not require huge amount of energy to operate
How many coins you'll stake?
Enter CUT coins amount to predict expected stake reward
Minting POS block within 1 day 3 days 7 days 31 days 90 days 1 year
Probability (%) 0.22 0.37 0.85 3.71 10.39 35.52
Reward 0.33 CUT 0.98 CUT 2.28 CUT 9.94 CUT 27.74 CUT 93.07 CUT

100 %
Guaranteed income
+ 5 %
Month reward
0.16 %
Daily interest rate
> 2 mln
Total CUT assets staking

Why to buy CUT?

Guaranteed private income
In the case of traditional investing, you'll face risks. We made CUT based on leading blockchain consensus with assured rewards
Beats inflation,
With a growing inflation rate, most savings accounts and cash ISAs offer an interest rate of less than 1.5%. Our monthly interest rate is higher by design
Accessibility for everyone
You don't have to meet earning threshold requirements, so you can open a free account even if you're just starting out with low amounts
Be global,
be borderless
We don't believe in financial borders and will allow you to feel all the advantages of the borderless world with CUTcoin blockchain

How to start?

Choose wallet
We have several wallets - you can choose the best one. You will need wallet to create address, keys and receive rewards
Buy at exchange
To start staking you need to buy CUT first. You can choose comfortable place to buy on exchanges. Scroll down to choose.
Transfer coins to your wallet
Transfer coins from exchange wallet (in case you didn't use instant exchanger) to your wallet address. You can use any CUT wallet.
Start Staking
For GUI wallet don't forget to click "Start Staking" For, Staking Pool it's already began.
Happy end! Enjoy.
Basics about CUT
Let us explain little bit about keys and wallets. You will need to know more before we will continue.
On the CUT network, a transaction is a record that informs the network of a transfer of funds or value from one owner to another owner. Ownership of CUTcoin is established through digital keys, CUTcoin addresses, and digital signatures.

Why will I receive rewards?

Because of Proof of stake (PoS). PoS is a consensus mechanism introduced in 2011 to improve upon the current most popular algorithm in use – Proof of Work (PoW). Instead of other consensuses using computational power to "mine" for cryptocurrencies, Proof of Stake elects stakeholders to validate transactions. This election processes depends on the amount of cryptocurrency held by an owner, hence the name Proof of Stake. You will always receive rewards if you do staking at your wallet.
CUTcoin is actually the first ever coin based on CryptoNote with PoS consensus. That a true fact. PoS mainnet was launched March 7th 2019. We're proud of this fact and wear "first" label proudly.

Staking simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in a wallet for a fixed period, then earning interest on it. The reward you earn from staking varies depending on probability. he probability indicates estimate chances for this amount of coins to earn any PoS rewards in the given timeframe and not chances of earning exactly the expected amount.
Available online at your browser
  • Instant constant Staking
  • Every block found rewarded
  • Service provided by the Team
GUI, CLI, Raspberry Pi, Mobile Wallet
  • Need to run your device
  • Need good connection to Internet
  • Block found probability
Other wallets
Paper wallet, Web wallet.
  • Web wallet easy to create address
  • Paper wallet is a great due it's safe
  • Can't do staking

Which wallet should I use?

Simple guide to make a choice
We invite you to join Staking Pool as the easiest way to stake CUT. It's community driven solution for staking with several benefits.

BTW we made it for you!

Staking Pool

Where to buy CUT?

Place orders and buy the desired sum of CUTs and exchanges. We have several exchanges for your choice. In Case of any difficulties ask us
* You can find more information about rewards and PoS consensus here, proofs, and more information about the Staking Pool daily Interest rate here. Also, in case of any doubts check WhitePaper. All mentioned above materials could be used as proof of this statement.