CUT coin uses the latest advances in cryptography to allow anonymous transactions. Wallet balances, transaction amount,
sender and receiver are private by default on our blockchain.
Our innovative Proof of Stake consensus is the first in history
to keep the total amount of coins even in staking wallets
completely concealed.
CUT coin benefits

By utilizing the Proof of Stake consensus we are freeing coin holders of the new emission inflation, that is typically paid to miners in Proof-of-Work chains. The security of the blockchain and approval of transaction is in the hands of the CUT owners that have chosen to put their coins "on stake" and earn interest in the form of block rewards for approving
the said transactions. It is our believe that our approach achieves better decentralization than Proof-of-Work networks, where the chain control can switch very fast when new, better
hardware for mining can be secretly developed and used.
Privacy, anonymity, fungibility

All wallet balances are for owner's eyes only. All transactions are anonymous - there is no way to know if two transactions originated from the same wallet or not. CUT coins are fungible, there is no way to track the history of a given coin.
Environment friendly consensus algorithm
Consensus algorithm that does not require huge amount of energy to operate is more resistant to market downturns. Our revolutional approach to Proof of Stake uses the privacy of the wallet balances to free the consensus from the usual determinism of PoS blockchains.
Predictable Transactions

We have modified the traditional block timing algorithm and modulated by a nonlinear function so blocks are following target time more closely than the usual Poisson distribution. This effectively reduces the fluctuations in transaction processing times.
About us
We are professionals with deep understanding and strong
belief in cryptography and blockchain. Given that the legal
framework for those concepts is not well established as of now we prefer to remain anonymous. Please respect the choices made by each individual on this matter. We believe in delivering fast results as opposed to giving long term promises and predictions.

CUT coin specification
Total supply: 200 000 000 CUT
Premine: 4 000 000 (2%) CUT

Coin emission schedule

Coin emission started in December 2018 with PoW mining stage. In 72 days a total of 18 506 411 CUT (9.3%) were mined.

After switching to PoS consensus there are 179 493 589 CUT left with block rewards of approximately 300 coins every 2 minutes.

After reaching the total supply of 200 million, tail emission of 0.6 CUT per block will kick in, generating less than 0.08% of new coins per year.

Rapid transit roadmap
4Q Start
  • CUT coin idea announce
  • Custom ASIC-resistant mining algorithm
  • Official public release
  • Paper wallet
  • Block explorer
  • Byzantine Berserker developed
  • PoS testnet launched
  • Exchange listed
  • PoS wallet CLI released
  • 52 000 block PoS launched
  • GUI wallet release
  • Staking Pool release
  • Bounty campaign launch
  • Mobile wallet develop

One of the biggest motivators we see for our users is that they can benefit from access to total privacy and anonymity for digital assets. With stable predictable income it'll become a trend of the quantitative easing era of crypto-currencies.
Bounty Campaign
A bounty campaing will be run allowing participants
to earn coins for promoting CUT coin.